Professional Swedish Translation Services

My name is Katrin Jarvis and I am a freelance translator with over 20 years of full time experience as a translator, who can help you bridge today's language and culture gaps by providing professional translation services from English into Swedish , and limited services from Swedish into English.

 If you are new to buying translation services, I recommend you read the excellent brochure published by the American Translators Association called “Translation: Getting It Right – A Guide to Buying Translations”. Just click on the link above to view or download it in PDF format directly from the ATA. 

Why Swedish Translator, Inc.?

As a native Swede I have extensive knowledge and understanding about the Swedish culture and practices, which means I can make sure your translation is properly localized.

My services include professional translation, editing, proofreading and quality management in a wide variety of subject areas. I work with agencies, businesses, as well as private individuals. I have over 18 years of full-time experience as a professional translator.

I specialize in areas such as Technical, Business, Communications, and Marketing, but most general subjects are of course welcome. I also have extensive experience translating user manuals for a wide variety of consumer products (general and technical) as well as various texts for the gaming industry. At this time I do not offer any interpreting (i.e. oral translation) or transcription services.

The success or failure of any translation depends on whether or not it is suitable for its end use. Technical manuals or legal documents have different requirements and attributes then for instance marketing materials and business correspondence, no matter what language.

I accept projects based on my strengths and expertise in areas such as business, communications, marketing and PR, so you can rest assured the end copy reads fluently and naturally. I also accept projects in most general areas.

My services consist of translation, editing and proofreading. When I work on a translation I always use the best technology available to assure correctness. Each project is carefully edited and proofread before sent off. I can also help you if you have a translation that might need editing or proofreading alone.

I accept projects via e-mail in most formats. You can also fax or mail me a hard copy if you prefer. I deliver via e-mail in the form of a virus free word document if nothing else has been arranged. The turnaround differs from project to project, however, the delivery time will be agreed upon before the translation is started. Quick turnarounds are available per agreement.

Let me bring my knowledge and strengths together to offer you a cost-effective solution that meets your language demands!